Posted on November 27, 2018


Autoglym design & blend a comprehensive premium car care range. All tips, tricks and trade secrets from professional detailers and Autoglym’s product. 30 Jul Car Glass Polish Vinyl and Rubber Care I’m looking for a nice easy step by step guide for using the products. I have come across the Autoglym. 23 Apr Autoglym have been known as one of the best producers of car care the water to sheet off the surface, helping you to dry the car quicker.

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Mark 23rd May Cool Stuff Views. Custom Wheel Cleaner Kit is suitable for use on vehicles with ceramic disc brakes. To join our mailing list please tick Submit.

Do I need to dry the car before applying Rapid Aqua Wax? Clean The first step in bodywork care is to wash the car making sure you have removed all the dirt and grime from your exterior. Can Super Resin Polish be used on any metal surface? I have come across the Autoglym care guide – http: What could I use as a chemical in my pressure washer.

Can I apply polish with a sponge? High Definition Wax can sometimes shrink away from the sides of the container during the natural air cooling period that each pot goes through. Then apply Vinyl and Rubber Care to the rubber, taking care not to get any on the windows. Then vacuum the glass, taking care to get into all csre nooks and crannies.


As an alternative try using High Definition Wax. Send a private message to afrofish. New auoglym added to our site daily, ugide here for more information.

guide – Autoglym

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage wutoglym your browser. To address any staining that may remain, apply Super Resin Polish firmly. Super Resin Polish should be used to restore the brushed aluminium trim.

You can layer if required though. If you do this you will find the product no harder to use than Super Resin Polish. Can you apply over the top of the above? Last edited by GleemSpray; at Read full article Posted 07 November Is Super Resin Polish abrasive how many times can you use it and are you czr risk of damaging the lacquer?

New Autoglym App Makes Car Cleaning Easy – Autoglym

BB code is On. Every day while driving down the road your car is hit with countless pieces of dirt and grit.

A vinyl dash can be cleaned thoroughly with Interior Shampoo to remove any stickiness or dirt. You can use Super Resin Polish on the rust spots to remove any build up, but this is not a long term solution and proper rust prevention advice should be sought from specialists in that field.


This can leave a matt or shiny finish depending on your preference.

New Autoglym App Makes Car Cleaning Easy

Metal Polish would be the best product for removing carbon deposits from an exhaust pipe. Hi Victor yes, this app will only work in the UK. I’d like to wash my car which had a High Definition Wax treatment. I have used the Faracla G3 clay mitt on quite a few cars, having never used real clay previously as it seemed like a tricky process. Bring out the shine with wax There are many different types of car wax on the market.

Hi All, Just getting into detailing have been reading through over the past couple of months, great stuff on here, but I don’t acr I’m repeating a thread. What should I use to buff off the Leather Care Balm?

Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. I have tar spots on the bonnet that even Intensive Tar Remover haven’t touched, what can I do? Also once the colour is back can it be protected? Do you have any product which won’t strip this layer?