Posted on November 22, 2018

DS1287 PDF

11 Oct A classic computer article by Terry Stewart (Tezza). Fixing a Flat Dallas DS Real Time Clock Chip. Well – these have the dreaded Dallas DS “all in one” Real Time Clock (RTC) chip with integrated Xtal and battery. Now the battery is dead, configuration is. Dallas DS, DS and Compatibles – External Battery Rework Advice. The following is some extra information that you might find useful if you plan to.

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You did a great job! I started with a sharp knife to make the initial cuts and followed them up with by running the jaws of a needle nose pliers into the cuts. Official Glitch Works Tindie Store.

A precision temperature-compensated circuit monitors the status of V CC. Almost immediately I found an article written dds1287 someone who had the same issue and had published a solution. Problem with any DS is that dw1287 haven’t been made in years. Originally Posted by Chuck G. A lithium coin-cell battery can be connected to the V BAT input pin on the DS to maintain time and date operation when primary power is absent.

Fortunately, Peter Wendt of MCA Mafia fame has come up with an excellent page describing the subject of ds12877 open Dallas clock modules and how to connect them to external power sources. Your quote has been successfully submitted.

I needed to do something about it! Don’t use rechargeable batteries. All times are GMT A really new, fresh and unused chip is hard to get. Attached the two wires to the exposed pins and put the new lithium cell in the holder.

And applying the replacement chips is easier for you than the hack? It dw1287 do it no good and may result in early death of that part due to excessive internal heating. If you’d like to build your own module or rework an existing DS, see our other listings for DIY repair boards! Sensors Temperature Sensor ICs. Unfortunately, we are unable to place your order due to restrictions on your account. That usually ends the experiment before you’ve even arrived at the part where the module is exposed to the blistering heat of your soldering iron.


The DS12C adds a century byte at address 32h. Don’t ever solder directly on a coin-style Li-Cell. Howe dougnflo [at] comcast [dot] net Kalamazoo, Michigan, Cs1287. The only serious drawback is the battery inside the module does eventually fail.

Most likely you won’t get a wire soldered properly to it. You want to be sure the battery is disconnected, so double-check with a voltmeter.

More From This Seller: For volume-specific and version-specific prices and delivery, please see the price and availability page or contact an authorized distributor. You will remember that I said something about a judicious application of violence on the Model 25 batteries page United States Postal Service: The suggested implement to open these modules is a Dremel tool.

When you’ve exposed this, punch through it with a nail, awl or similarly sharp device. For the second module I reworked, I did all of the work using a moderately sized side cutters. No errors, just a straight boot-through as it should ds12887. Many other computers from the 90s used them as well.

It involved hacking away parts of the chip, then rewiring an external battery onto it. When it runs down, you are left with the task of finding a new module and then justifying the purchase price against the actual value of the computer itself.

Dallas DS1287 DIP Real Time Clock 3pcs

After these pins were exposed, breaking the connection to the internal battery was easy. The device is accessed through a multiplexed byte-wide interface, which supports both Intel and Motorola modes. I used an iron file that was about the exact width I needed and just slowly went back and forth about 50 times until I saw ds1827 metal and then used sandpaper the rest of the way. Booting up with the reference disk, setting the configuration and clock then rebooting showed the fix worked perfectly!


There are lots ds128 old threads here on DS replacement.

Soldered and used a CR battery with holder on top of the We recognize our top users by making them a Tindarian. The serrations in the jaws slowly dug ds1278 into the potting resin and it wasn’t too long before I saw the first battery contact.

Save on Other Integrated Circuits Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

Please contact customer support. While this one didn’t solder as nicely and had to be resoldered once when the positive lead came unglued!

Reworking the DS / DS RTC chip

When the battery dies, simply remove it and insert another CR coin cell! That is assuming you can get the part in the first place. The listing doesn’t say that the RTC comes with the battery and it has voltage something essential for machines that use these real time clocks so your old computer will be able to store it’s CMOS data again. Prices are in U. If you follow his procedure, you’ll probably do fine.