Posted on November 19, 2018


Thank you for banking with Standard Chartered Bank. .. 31st January including 44 3. to redeem the ˚ Reward Points accumulated during that period. As our valued customer, you earn rewards points and cashback on your transactions. Further, our new online catalogue makes it really simple to redeem your. It sets out the terms and conditions of our rewards programme. These terms are in .. With effect from 1st April , this transfer fee will be subject to 6% GST.

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Gain an edge by connecting with us via email. We don’t spam or sell your details to annoying people. Earn 2 extra reward point on all spends above Rs. By making purchases at Bonus Point partner outlets, the eligible credit card holders can earn reward points that can be redeemed across various categories.

Privileges| SCBS

Credit Cards By Bank. Yes, you can view the reward points you have available against each Standard Chartered Credit Card that you hold, by using your Net Banking account. Santa Claus comes around just once a year. If you are a first time user, then you will have to register for net banking facility and use the username and password you receive subsequently to access the rewards website.


Credit Card Bill Payment. Please provide some details to get the best offers. Any gift voucher that is issued to the customer cannot be returned to the Bank and is non-refundable.

You can also contact the Customer Care Center and provide the reward item code available on the reward catalogue to redeem the same. Earn 2 extra Rewards Points on all spends above Rs.

Close Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online. Are you in a credit card debt?

Returning you to where you were Earn 1 Reward Point on all other categories.

The cashback offer also includes Extra-Value offers on dining and shopping vouchers and other merchandise which the customers can choose from the Cashback catalog. We’ll process your application faster too!

Travel Travel products and accessories, flight packages, hotel, etc. Did you know that Mr.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points

Rewarrd enjoys cashback on all her retail purchases. If your credit card is not eligible for reward benefits, it will not be included in this list.


Cashback Extra Rwward Offers Get electronics, accessories, home products, gist cards for lifestyle products, etc. Home and Learning Items Kitchen items, home furnishings, beauty products, kids learning items, and much more. This can be redeemed online. We promise never to spam you. You can redeem the reward points accumulated on your credit card for items across categories such as:. Special Rewards Get limited edition special rewards on reward points accumulated, including promo packs redard daily deals.

We’ll email you immediately! When to Say, No! Standard Chartered Yatra Card. Get eVouchers for BookMyShow.

Enter your number below. Loan on Credit Cards by Bank. Standard Chartered Platinum Elite Card. Earn 5 Rewards Points at supermarkets, departmental stores, grocery and retail feward stores Earn 2 Rewards Points on all other spends Accelerated rewards: Credit Card Reward Points. Standard Chartered Emirates Platinum Card. Once you log reawrd, you can go through the rewards catalog and select the reward of your choice and add it to our purchase cart. You snooze, you lose.